eduroam beállítás - Android 2

On your smartphone or tablet tap on Wireless lan settings in Settings.

Then tap on Wi-Fi settings.

(Turn on your Wi-Fi if it is not already on.)

From the available networks list choose eduroam.
If eduroam is not listed here then it is most likely the service is not available in that area.

Select PEAP as the EAP method. Change 2. phase authentication to MSCHAPv2.

At the Identifier or Identity (its name depends on the device you are using) field you must type your SzIE ID in the following In case of employees, it is your 3 letters, 4 digits format SzIE ID (like, while students SzIE ID is the same as their Neptun ID (e.g. At the Password field type the password associated to your SzIE ID (the one you supplied as a new password when activating your account at JoKeR).

You should be able to connect to eduroam after completing these steps.